What Guests Really Think About Tech at the Table and Other Trends – Modern Restaurant Management Magazine
02 Nov 2021

Provoke Insights’ ground-breaking research on restaurant trends is featured in Modern Restaurant Management magazine

In September 2021, Provoke Insights launched a survey amongst 1,504 Americans. The study aimed to identify key trends in several different industries, including restaurants, as well as break out said trends by several demographics.

The standout findings include:

  • 17% of Americans believe that QR codes, a touchless replacement for menus, significantly worsen their dining experience
  • One-third of Americans plan to celebrate a winter holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) at a restaurant
  • Half of Americans are still concerned about eating at restaurants due to COVID-19

Overall, Americans are mixed on eating at establishments again. Head to Modern Restaurant Management for a more detailed summary of the data.

Drink Up: RAB Drills Down Into Beverage Category Strategies – InsideRadio
06 Oct 2021

Provoke Insights president Carly Fink presented unique consumer insights on retail shopping at RAB’s webinar on the beverage purchaser. 

Radio is a great way to reach both alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinkers.

It was also found that alcoholic beverage purchasers, in particular, have different habits, attitudes, and demographics than the general population:

  • 30% believe that customer service has worsened since the pandemic began
  • 57% observe that fewer products are available
  • Millennials are far more likely to purchase wine online

Brands should turn to the radio to connect with local customers. With the growing number of craft breweries, local wineries, and hometown distilleries, alcohol brands have ample opportunities. As the non-alcoholic beverage consumer is similar to the general population, these brands also have ample opportunities.

Post-Pandemic, Radio-Listening Consumers Buy Based on Quality – InsideRadio
29 Jul 2021

Provoke Insights president Carly Fink presented unique consumer insights on retail shopping at RAB’s webinar, “Meet the New Retail Shopper.”

It is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted consumer habits. These changes include a renewed shift to online shopping.

  • 80% of consumers prefer purchasing online rather than in-store.
  • Consumers prefer purchasing in-person when it comes to cleaning supplies (a pandemic must) and personal care products.
  • eCommerce shoppers hold quality as the most important aspect, rather than price or brand.

eCommerce appears to be growing post-pandemic. Brands should continue to adopt online shopping, as consumers are more comfortable than ever with eCommerce. Though people are returning to stores for their shopping needs, in-person shopping likely will not return to pre-pandemic levels. 

Provoke Insights Rejoins RAB for Retail Shopper Presentation – Radio+Television Business Report
01 Jul 2021

Provoke Insights president, Carly Fink, will be rejoining the Radio Advertising Bureau for a live presentation on retail consumer insights.

The session is ideal for those interested in retail trends, in addition to broadcasters planning campaigns for key events later in the year, like the back-to-school and holiday seasons. 

Though most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, buying behaviors have changed. This presentation will examine the extent and effect of these consumer shifts and help brands prepare for such adjustments.

Register at the link above. The presentation is free for RAB members and will be available for on-demand viewing. 

What B2B Firms Use Marketing Agencies For – MarketingProfs
25 May 2021

Provoke Insights’ research on B2B companies is featured in MarketingProfs, a hub for business and marketing education.

The article discusses the results from Provoke Insights’ 2021 B2B study, which began in mid-January 2021. The project sought to gather and analyze information on the marketing initiatives of B2B, B2C, and B2B-B2C hybrid companies. 

The standout findings include:

  • 23% of B2B professionals turn to outside marketing agencies for SEM and SEO purposes
  • 21% of B2B professionals commission social media agencies for social media marketing
  • B2B firms are more likely to use tradeshow marketing than B2C companies
  • B2C companies are more likely to use TV commercials than B2B companies

Marketing professionals, B2B professionals, and the general population looking to better understand marketing initiatives may find this particularly interesting.

This research is part of an in-house research study conducted by Provoke Insights in 19 different industries including Banking/Investing, Clothing, Hospitality/Tourism, and the Outdoors. Download Provoke Insights’ complimentary Brand Equity 2021 report here for newly-published insights on B2B, B2C, and dozens of other industries.

Provoke Insights: Pandemic Has Created A ‘Newfound Love For The Outdoors.’
10 May 2021

Inside Radio reports on a webinar delivered by Carly Fink and Rachael Ryan of Provoke Insights

In this article, Inside Radio reports on findings presented by Provoke Insights founder, Carly Fink, and Associate DIrector of Research and Strategy, Rachael Ryan. The webinar discussing outdoor consumers was presented on May 5, 2021 as part of Radio Advertising Bureau’s Business Accelerated initiative.

Inside Radio discuses how Provoke Insights’ research shows a newfound love for the great outdoors over the past year.

Health & Wellness & COVID-19
05 May 2021

Provoke Insights’ research on consumer trends is featured in Happi, a media company devoted to covering the global personal care.

This article uses research from various companies to show how consumers are turning various self care methods during the pandemic. It uses the Provoke Insights Brand Equity 2021 survey to show the public’s attitudes towards the return of in-person stores, top beauty brands, and more.

Happi also quotes Carly Fink, president and founder of Provoke Insights, on issues surrounding traditional shopping malls and the eventual return to in-person offices. Carly is also quoted in noting current trends in health and beauty products.

What Drives Brand Affinity for B2B Companies? – Marketing Charts
30 Apr 2021

Provoke Insights’ research on B2B companies is featured in Marketing Charts, an online hub for marketing data, graphics, and analysis

The article details the results from Provoke’s recent Brand Equity 2021 survey, which sought to track and project brand drivers for innovation, equity, and affinity for 19 industries including the B2B landscape. 

After surveying 200 B2B professionals, the results on what builds brand affinity are in:

  • Brand trust (23%) and customer service (23%) are the top most important attributes
  • Price (14%), innovation (11%), and product uniqueness (10%) are also, respectively, strong influences of brand affinity

Marketing Charts’ article also reports on other measures from Provoke Insights’ B2B Brand Equity study. For example, for B2B brands that do measure brand equity, the top three measurements used by companies are

  1. Sales revenue (41%)
  2. Qualitative research (23%)
  3. Quantitative research (20%)

As evidenced by Marketing Chart’s new article on B2B branding, B2B marketing is a growing sector of research. As more B2B companies take note of important measures like brand affinity, brand equity, and brand innovation, other B2B companies looking to retain their customers and better understand the industry should take particular note of this research. Download Provoke Insights’ complimentary Brand Equity 2021 report here for newly-published insights on B2B and 18 other industries.