CBD Brands Must Focus On Health Solutions – Happi
02 May 2022

CBD Brands Must Focus On Health Solutions – Happi

Provoke Insights’ newest research on the CBD market is featured in a recent article in Happi Magazine.

This latest wave of Provoke Insights’ in-house survey was fielded in March 2022. The goal of the study aimed to gain perspective on the awareness of CBD among the general population, as well as how it is perceived by consumers and their loyalty to brands in multiple industries, including CBD.

The standout findings include:

  • 42% of those who are aware of CBD are apt to try it
  • Pain relief is the most top-of-mind health aid (69%)
  • CBD purchasers tend to be more mindful of whether the products they purchase are sustainably sourced (54%) compared to non-CBD purchasers (40%)

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