Research: Getting To Know Today’s Socially Conscious Consumer
30 Aug 2023

A Provoke Insights study reveals consumer preference for socially conscious purchases.

The Path to Purchase Institute (P2PI) has joined forces with Provoke Insights to explore current trends among socially conscious consumers. Some of their findings included:

  • Prioritizing Social Awareness: 74% of consumers make social consciousness a priority in their purchases.
  • Inconsistent Choices: Only a fraction consistently opt for socially responsible products.
  • Cost as a Deterrent: Over half (52%) cite cost as the main barrier.
  • Ingredient Transparency: “Made with clean ingredients” is a key factor, notably for Generation Z and Democrats.
  • Limited Impact: Factors like charitable donations and minority ownership have minimal influence.
  • Values Alignment Matters: 32% would switch brands if values misalign.
  • Economic Influence: The economy shapes choices, impacting budget-consciousness for sustainable products.

For a more comprehensive understanding, read the full article here to capture the evolving landscape of consumer behavior.

Could Dining at Disney World CHANGE Because of This New Trend?
30 Aug 2023

Provoke Insights’ research sheds light on the factors behind evolving dining behaviors.

The Disney Food Blog recently highlighted insights from Provoke Insights’ 2023 trend report, exploring shifting consumer dining patterns and evolving restaurant industry preferences. Key findings include:

  • Dining Decline: Economic uncertainty and inflation have led to reduced dining out, with about 80% of respondents noting restaurant price increases.
  • Restaurant Preferences: Full-service and fast casual eateries experienced the most significant decline in patronage (55% and 50% respectively), while fast-food chains saw a milder decrease (45%).
  • Cost-Cutting Strategies: Consumers are opting for cheaper menu items to manage dining costs amid changing circumstances.
  • Encouraging Spending: Effective strategies like promotional deals and loyalty programs are encouraging customers to dine out more.
  • Optimism Amid Challenges: Despite economic worries, respondents maintain optimism, finding happiness in daily experiences.

To explore how these findings impact Disney’s dining and restaurant strategies, you can delve into the complete article above.

What is the Future of Celebrity Rating Scales?
28 Aug 2023

Celebrities dominate popular culture and often have a strong influence over what’s what in the entertainment space. Experts in the field of marketing and branding have long since experimented with ranking celebrities. Sure all of their status, power, and fortune are good indicators that they are generally liked in the public’s eye, but the nuances of how they truly rank against their peers (and competition) could be hair-splittingly close. There are multiple ways to assess the public awareness and likeability of a celebrity or public figure. One of the most effective ways to measure celebrity ratings is through a Q-score. The history of a q-score holds significant importance for understanding the impact of celebrities on public perception, media, marketing, and popular culture.

What is a Q-Score?

A Q-Score is a tool that is commonly used in measuring the public percept of a celebrity or public figure. This is done by calculating the measured familiarity and the appeal of the celebrity. A Q-Score can also be useful for characters, brands and more. Q-scores provide a quantitative measurement of a celebrity’s popularity and appeal. This helps move beyond subjective opinions and provides a standardized way to assess a celebrity’s public standing.

While a Q-Score can be incredibly useful for a celebrity’s team, agents, managers or PR relationships in order to make decisions about their client’s public eye. A q-score assessment is also a surprise secret weapon that marketers and researchers can use to propel their brand.

These scores also often aid marketers and advertisers to identify celebrities that have a resonance with their audience. They gauge familiarity and appeal in order to make decisions about which celebrities to invite to events, to promote their products or use them in a campaign to increase the likelihood of positive consumer response. Researchers can use Q-scores to compare the popularity of different celebrities, characters, or brands. This data-driven approach can provide insights into the factors that contribute to their appeal and help identify emerging trends.

However, some experts are questioning whether the Q-Score is out of style. Twenty years ago, the Q-score was used as a holy grail at evaluating where a celebrity stood with both familiarity and likability. This has completely changed with the introduction of the internet and the change of celebrity culture. There are a few reasons why that can be broken down with some simple formulas;

The Niche Celeb

Awareness + Likability
The internet has made it possible for anyone to post content that has the ability to access a large group of people. Large social media platforms such as Youtube and more recently Tiktok, have given people a chance to grow a devoted fan base without the household name status. These people might not be known by everyone (low awareness) but the people who are aware of them are incredibly supportive of these celebrities (likeability). Sometimes, some of these niche celebrities (such as Addison Rae) lose their These niche celebs also have the power to transition into household name status, but in turn this might lose them the likability that their small but loving fan base provided.

Power of Polarization

+Awareness – Likeability
This category is for public figures and celebrities that might be extremely well known, but they have notoriety or a polarizing reputation. The Kardashians for example, are some of the most followed people on Instagram in the world, but their Q-Score is lower for their familiarity because their reputation is polarizing. Celebrities need to make sure that their familiarity is growing, but their reputation is also appealing to a large group of people.

In essence, celebrity research, including Q-scores, offers insights that can guide decision-making in marketing, media coverage, entertainment production, and more. It allows stakeholders to make informed choices based on quantifiable data about a celebrity’s appeal and familiarity, contributing to ore effective strategies and outcomes in various industries. However, there is no doubt that the inherent unpredictability of public opinion and the ever-changing nature of trends can cause these numbers to fluctuate as time goes on. A celebrity’s reputation can quickly shift because of one event, a change in how people feel, or new competitors in the media. So, while celebrity research helps decision-makers, it’s important to also understand the bigger picture and be ready to change plans.

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Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation
09 Aug 2023

A captivating study co-conducted by Carly Fink from Provoke Insights saw the potential to drive green initiatives through state-of-the-art tech.

The world of advanced technology has always been a fertile ground for businesses to explore numerous revenue opportunities. However, there is another area where consumers, governments, and special interest groups are taking notice and showing appreciation – sustainable practices. In this regard, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital role, unlocking fresh possibilities for promoting green initiatives and combating environmental concerns, such as greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. By harnessing AI’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data and automate tasks, brands can significantly enhance their image and reputation. To discover more about this cutting-edge study and its profound implications clicking on the full article above!

What Advanced Technologies are Companies Utilizing to Enhance Reverse Logistics?
03 Aug 2023

A Provoke Insights study reveals how technology, including automatic data capture and predictive analytics, can revolutionize the e-commerce business for efficient returns.

USPS® commissioned Provoke Insights to examine the e-commerce reverse logistics landscape. The study found 32% of companies struggle with manual labor tasks in returns processing. Over two-thirds (67%) are adopting technology to enhance their logistics processes in response.

The study identifies four game-changing technologies for optimizing returns:

  • Automatic Data Capture (used by 44% of companies)
  • Cloud Computing (used by 37% of companies)
  • Predictive Analytics and Big Data (used by 25% of companies)
  • Blockchain (used by 14% of companies)

By embracing these technologies, businesses can streamline return processing, improve customer experiences, and boost operational efficiency. To learn more about how these technologies can transform your logistics, visit the full article on the USPS® website for in-depth insights.

Promotions and Loyalty Programs Are Key to Coaxing Diners
03 Aug 2023

Provoke Insights’ research highlights the importance of promotions and loyalty programs in convincing Americans to dine out amid tightening budgets.

In May 2023, Modern Restaurant Management Magazine featured Provoke Insights’ May 2023 trends report. The objective was to explore consumer dining trends amidst an inflating economy.

The key insights from this article include:

  • Promotions and loyalty programs are persuasive in encouraging Americans to dine out more frequently.
  • High customer service and great food are crucial for ensuring a worthwhile dining experience.
  • Access to secret menus and private dining experiences makes customers feel special and encourages them to dine out.
  • Despite inflation’s impact, people express overall optimism and seek happiness in daily interactions.

To delve into the full details and discover winning strategies to maximize your diners experience, visit the full article on the Modern Restaurant Management website. These insights can revolutionize your restaurant’s success and captivate more customers so don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your culinary venture in these dynamic times!