Understanding your consumer: Generation Alpha
11 Oct 2019

Understanding your consumer: Generation Alpha

The New Kids on the Block

As if we didn’t feel old already, time to get to know Generation Alpha. We already felt old when it came to Gen Z! We don’t recognize any of these celebrities under the age of 25. If you think the same, get ready to feel even older! 

As we mentioned previously in our blog series, Generation Alpha is almost here! Still, their influence is well and truly here in the form of Millennial parents (aka. Millennial spending power)! It is time to get to know the group that will soon take over the spending power worldwide.  

What We Know About Generation Alpha

So, this generation has been around for almost nine years. What do we know about them so far?

  • The only generation to have been born entirely in the 21st century. 
  • There are more than 22 million Millennial parents, giving birth to about 9,000 babies every day. 
  • Their birth dates started in 2010. So, the majority of the generation are still babies. The older Alphas will begin to make independent decisions around 2025. 
  • By the time 2025 comes around, the generation will consist of 2 billion people. Before we know it, this group will be the largest generation. 
  • This generation already has celebrities and influencers to look up to and be influenced by Ryan ToysReview, a seven year old toy reviewer, has over 18 million subscribers.
How and Why You Should Start Putting Yourself on Generation Alpha’s Radar

It is said that children under 12 years old influence their parents’ purchases — this is worth up to $670 billion per year! On the other hand, while it is essential to try to understand this audience, it is also important to do so ethically. Marketing and advertising to children can gather backlash. However, to do so properly, you must understand the audience that you are trying to target. 


  1. Start with research – you have two options here. Conduct research among the children (which may prove time-consuming and expensive) or communicate with the Millennial parents. Check out our latest blog titled “How to Research to Generation Alpha”.
  2. Now that you understand the parents of Generation Alpha, the ones who have the purse strings, you can communicate with them. 
  3. Allow the kids to advocate for the brand. This generation is up to 9 years old, and they can decide for themselves if they like a brand or product. They have voices and are not afraid to use them – see: Ryan ToysReview. 



Once a year, in Ireland, the youngest generation is given a voice via The Late Late Toy Show, hosted by Ryan Turbridy. This show is an annual ritual and allows the brands targeting children to have children display the product (toy) on National television, with a full audience of over 2 million! So, if you want to do business among Generation Alpha  in Ireland, you know where to start!


There is a lot to learn about the up and coming. We encourage practicing caution before going full steam ahead and marketing to Gen Alpha. As the old saying goes – Look (research) before you leap!


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