The Benefits and Boundaries of Ad Tracking Surveys
19 Dec 2017
Ad tracking surveys are vital for ensuring that your advertising campaigns and communication continue to have a positive impact. By gathering quantitative data from consumers regularly, you can benchmark and audit a brand’s health and change strategy according to the outcome of the results. It is important for all ad tracking surveys to be customized to your needs, many setbacks are due to one-size-fits-all solutions that may not be appropriate to your brands needs.

Initiating a tracker prior to a full ad launch allows the ad to create KPIs to measure the success of your advertising initiatives. Then, once the advertising is launched, the desired outcome is for the ad to be remembered by as many consumers as possible, that the advertisement is credible, is perceived to be communicating its intended message, and is liked. It is also key to determine if the advertisement outperforms the competition.

There is an opportunity to move beyond traditional ad tracking surveys and measure advertising awareness to exploring a changing marketplace and bringing context to consumer behavior.

At Provoke Insights, our standard ad tracker will longitudinally track scores such as ad awareness comparing a brand to its competitors. We have also introduced the Ecosystem Ad Tracker to connect any dots that the ad tracker leaves unjointed. This supplemental product brings additional depth and context to what is happening in the industry. We will measure if KPI’s are being met, conduct social listening, and analyze secondary data to further deepen the knowledge, web and search results will be analyzed as well as industry trends and public relations.

For more information on Ad Tracking studies and our Ecosystem Ad Tracker to provide a 360 connection please contact [email protected].

The Importance of Ad Tracking
01 Oct 2015
David Ogilvy, often referred to as the father of modern advertising, once said: “Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals”. If your company is spending significant money on advertising, it is pertinent to conduct research to determine whether or not it’s working.  Above all, ad-tracking is one of the favored methods used by brands today. If a company truly wants to optimize its advertising budget efficiently, it’s important to track and measure the response to its ads.  This analysis also lets a brand know if its advertising is becoming stale or over-exposed among its prospects.  

Ad Tracking Steps

The first, and perhaps most important step in ad-tracking is to start your research before you actually launch your campaign. In order to measure the success of a campaign, it’s advantageous to have an idea about your prospects’ awareness of your brand. If a company doesn’t start evaluating the reactions prior to the campaign, how will it be able to measure whether or not the campaign is increasing awareness?

Surveys are a standard method for tracking campaigns (i.e. commercials, print, digital, etc). If a survey respondent can recall an advertisement or brand name unaided or without a prompt, it is a sign that the ad campaign may be increasing brand awareness. Therefore, once the respondent has answered questions aimed at gauging their unaided awareness of a brand, the survey can begin to focus on extracting information through prompts.  For example, of such a question might be, “Which of the following brands are you familiar with?”

From an Ad Tracker to Accomplishing Advertising Goals

The goal of any advertising campaign is to raise awareness and change attitudes about a particular product or service. Therefore, additional questions that elicit opinions, attitudes, and purchase intent are useful in the ad-tracking process, telling us what’s working and what isn’t. And over time, consumer opinions and attitudes tend to change and evolve. As a rule, a rising tide lifts all boats, and tracking the success of advertisements over time does just that. For instance, if your ads don’t develop over time, they might grow stale and consumers will stop paying attention. But if you work on your advertising success so that they progress by using an ad tracker, your business will prevail as well.

A successful ad is like a joke; the good ones may make us laugh or bring a smile to our face, but will eventually become stale and forgotten. And if an advertisement is a joke, ad-tracking can be seen as an honest friend, letting us know when to retire it and start working on some new material.

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