Introducing the Advertising Optimizer Express
13 Feb 2017

Written by: Carly Fink

In today’s world the consumer is awash in advertising. These communications are designed to create a position in the consumer’s mind leading to eventual purchase.

At Provoke Insights we help maximize advertising effectiveness, and ultimately garner higher ROI. Provoke Insights provides a new tool, the Advertising Optimizer ExpressTM, to help ensure your brand’s success. This online quantitative tool test all types of advertising including: banners ads, print ads, OOH, brochures, and more.

The Advertising Optimizer ExpressTM determines how your customers value different features that make up your advertisement. We find out what combination of attributes is most influential (image, CTA, key message). This way you know what is exactly working in your ad and what isn’t.

Plus, this cost effective tool can provide results in less than two weeks!

Respondents test multiple banner dimensions, graphics, messages, and brand fit.  Every respondent sees different combination and ranks each combination from 1 to  100.

You have the ability to customize the features you would like to include.

•       Up to 5 dimensions such as brand, image, message and call to action.

•       Each dimension can include 10 different values.

•       Ranks the best combination for your brand vs. the competitors.

•       The tool tests up to 100,000 combinations. Yes, you heard us right… we test up to a 100,000 different combinations.  However, each respondent only views up to 10 of these combinations.

Various brands, images, ad sizes, and messages are tested in the example listed below.

So why not test your ad concepts before spending a ton on your media buy!

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The Science of Naming Your Brand
13 Feb 2017

Written by: Carly Fink

Every year, Provoke Insights conducts Naming Research for several products and product lines. A good brand name sparks an emotion with the consumer.  The larger the name connection the higher likelihood that the name will  remain top of mind among your target audience. It is the cement that unifies the brand across all advertising and promotional materials.

Often a company comes up with a list of potential names that they would like to name the brand. A company may be internally passionate about a certain name but does that name really work? Which name ranks highest? Do the names resonate among your target audience?

A sure way to know is to test names utilizing Provoke Insights’ naming exercise. This survey includes:

  • Open-ended name association
  • Ranking of names
  • Testing the top names over 9 dimensions such as likeability and high quality.

The research can be tested across various segments to determine a name that works well with all prospects. We also have found names that could be potential offensive to the consumer or a specific demographic. So looking at the name across various groups of people can be very beneficial.

Testing names through survey research allows a brand to know which names are winners or losers. It tells you what attributes consumers associate with the name. Is the potential brand name perceived as high quality? Likeable? Memorable? Offensive?

We have save companies from disastrous launches. A name that might sound fun and catchy to a company may not resonate with the consumer. The consumer may have difficulty relating that name back to the product – simply put it could be a great name but just not right for the product.

Testing a name prior to launch is a sure way for your brand to be loved by your consumers. It also diminishes the risk of a launch going wrong.

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