Research for Content Marketing & Thought Leadership
10 Sep 2015

Check out our latest article on how market research can be used to create more interesting and insightful content for your business or brand.  Research can be used to generate awareness and increase engagement among your prospects and customers.  Additionally, conducting research on a specific topic deepens your understanding a particular segment of your business and allows you to tout your expertise in that area. Despite its numerous benefits, most companies think of market research solely as a Public Relations initiative; research needs to be more than a simple press release and should transcend multiple facets of your business. A single study can be used for social media, sales material, SEO, Slideshare, infographics, just to name a few. That is why it is essential to have a strategy in place for how your research will be utilized for a content marketing initiative.

When using research for press purposes, it is important that you get the most out of your study.  To do this you must be able to integrate the research with your SEO, social media and press initiatives. As your company successfully dovetails the research data with the different aspects of your business, you will see the full benefits of your study. The article is great resource for advertising agencies, public relations firms,  businesses of all sizes, and brands that want to become thought leader.