The Advantages of PR Research
29 Apr 2021

Public relations research or PR research is crucial for brands looking to boost innovation and visibility. It’s one of the most versatile methods of research, as it’s relevant to almost any brand looking to stand out. Fittingly, this thought-leadership research positions a brand as a “thought-leader” in their industry. The brand becomes a voice of credibility, innovation, and brand leadership. Brands that undertake this type of research differentiate themselves from the competition and gain a deeper awareness of their industry. They can also attract new audiences.

Thought Leadership & PR Research Can Be Leveraged

Original PR research rather than recycled data sparks high engagement. As a result, journalists are eager to get their hands on these exclusive insights. The data creates valuable content for social media, blogs, emails, and more.

Studies show that marketing content that includes original PR research receives higher engagement, more shares, and greater exposure than content that lacks research.

The metrics and ROI on PR leadership are proven: 

  • 6X more shares than average articles
  • 30X more engagement on social media
  • Uplift in lead generation

So How Do You Create Successful PR Research?

1. Assess the Landscape

Research potential topics beforehand. Often this step is ignored. This is a crucial component to the success of a content marketing research initiative. This phase helps discover trending topics that have high engagement. It also determines — and steers clear of — subjects that have been overused. Pouring over available research can spark unique ideas or new perspectives on a subject.

2. Develop Headlines to Craft the Questionnaire

Headlines need to excite and interest readers. They should focus on the topics discovered during the secondary research process. These headlines cover topics that have yet to be addressed. Good headlines guarantee a fuller, more exciting picture of your industry. When developing headlines, we keep SEO in mind.

3. Write Multiple Stories

Once the survey is closes, and the data is collected, it is crucial to create more than one story from the findings. Storytelling is an art form; it is essential to keep your audience engaged. Often, researchers hyper-focus on the details of the numbers instead of the big picture. It is critical to write the PR research report in a way that makes the readers want more.

Results of the Research

With the help of robust content marketing, public relations research, and thought leadership research, brands can become more visible, credible, and innovative. Market researchers tailor PR research to your specific brand, giving you a unique boost of engagement and credibility.           

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