Post-Pandemic, Radio-Listening Consumers Buy Based on Quality – InsideRadio
29 Jul 2021

Provoke Insights president Carly Fink presented unique consumer insights on retail shopping at RAB’s webinar, “Meet the New Retail Shopper.”

It is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted consumer habits. These changes include a renewed shift to online shopping.

  • 80% of consumers prefer purchasing online rather than in-store.
  • Consumers prefer purchasing in-person when it comes to cleaning supplies (a pandemic must) and personal care products.
  • eCommerce shoppers hold quality as the most important aspect, rather than price or brand.

eCommerce appears to be growing post-pandemic. Brands should continue to adopt online shopping, as consumers are more comfortable than ever with eCommerce. Though people are returning to stores for their shopping needs, in-person shopping likely will not return to pre-pandemic levels. 

Segmentation Research for a Car Insurance Go-to-Market Strategy
09 Jul 2021

Marketing Problem

An auto insurance company plans to enter the United States with a new type of policy that offers a more personalized service experience, better claim processing, and improved assistance during an accident. Before launching in the market, the provider wanted to understand the target market better and determine if the insurance concept resonated among drivers. Additionally, the provider wanted to refine the brand concept, determine the best messaging for the product, and form an ideal launch plan. The company commissioned Provoke Insights to develop a research study.

Market Research Solution

Provoke Insights conducted an online survey that included the following:

  • A segmentation, which used an advanced analytics technique called factor analysis to generate themes. A cluster analysis followed to create sizable and meaningful cohorts.
  • A concept test to determine what unique selling proposition worked best
  • A MaxDiff to determine which branding support points would most convince the target audience to switch to this insurance company

Research Results

The in-depth findings help determine the following information:

  • Market penetration- Now, the insurance company knows how many consumers will potentially convert to the brand.
  • A market-wide perspective- Provoke Insights provided a comprehensive look at the different types of auto insurance buyers.
  • Ideal target Audience- We create manageable and sizeable cohorts determining which are sufficient and warrant investment. This analysis provides a deep understanding of why and how these prospects will connect to the brand.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)- Provoke Insights helped determine which branding ideas most resonate with their ideal prospects.
  • Support points- The provider now knows which support points to lead within the marketing materials.
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Looking Ahead: Post-COVID Back-to-School Trends
08 Jul 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic was a time like no other. Everyday life was interrupted on an international scale, and the global economy faltered. Faced with unexpected and substantial economic instability, consumer confidence declined drastically, and many only made purchases to meet their basic needs. Now, with over 2.7 billion people vaccinated and the global infection rate trending downwards, consumers are beginning to “treat themselves” and spend more. With back to school – one of retail’s biggest annual events – right around the corner, experts will be watching back to school trends carefully to determine how well consumer confidence has recovered.

Celebrate the Good Times

Experts expect consumers to spend more money on school supplies, clothes, and dorm room decorations. Many colleges, universities, and K-12 schools plan for a full in-person return this fall. With this combined with a renewed optimism and increased vaccination rates, brands may expect more demand than ever. According to a forecast analysis by Mastercard, sales in the back to school range (mid-July to early September) should rise by 6.7% compared with 2019 and 5.5% compared with 2020. Consumers are willing to spend even more than they were pre-pandemic. These back to school trends point to an end to the economic downturn.

Brands eagerly await the fruition of these forecasts. Some retailers struggled during the pandemic as consumer focus shifted away from non-essential goods and will be looking to make up for lost time. Businesses such as Target and Walmart will face the challenge of competing with their unexpectedly high numbers from last year due to essential goods and online grocery sales. The back to school shopping season will be essential in accomplishing this goal. These businesses will likely be undergoing significant branding campaigns during this time, where they will rely on consumer science and market research on back to school trends to determine the best ways to engage their newly confident customers and tap into new market segments.

Old Habits Die Hard

Experts predict online shopping to continue to be a habit for consumers and trend upwards. E-commerce is expected to grow 53% from 2019 and 7% from 2020. Online shopping in 2021 will likely outpace itself compared to 2020, when there were less in-person shopping options. This is likely due to consumers’ willingness to spend more overall as they financially recover from the pandemic. It also seems like consumers nowadays generally prefer online shopping to in-person shopping.

Branding and advertising campaigns looking to keep up with competitors should take the opportunities of back-to-school into account. In the past, campaigns have highlighted the simplicity of online shopping. They have also offered deals to those who shopped on certain days (Amazon Prime day, Cyber Monday, etc.). These companies often use qualitative and quantitative research to test the feasibility of their new product or campaign, determine who their target audience is, and gain insights on maximizing profits. The growing trend of online shopping seems like it’s here to stay. Companies wanting to capitalize on it will be sure to act quickly and deliberately, especially during the back to school shopping rush.

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Provoke Insights Rejoins RAB for Retail Shopper Presentation – Radio+Television Business Report
01 Jul 2021

Provoke Insights president, Carly Fink, will be rejoining the Radio Advertising Bureau for a live presentation on retail consumer insights.

The session is ideal for those interested in retail trends, in addition to broadcasters planning campaigns for key events later in the year, like the back-to-school and holiday seasons. 

Though most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, buying behaviors have changed. This presentation will examine the extent and effect of these consumer shifts and help brands prepare for such adjustments.

Register at the link above. The presentation is free for RAB members and will be available for on-demand viewing.