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Advertising Research Experts

Founded on the premise that research should better align with the needs of marketers, Provoke Insights’ innovative approach empowers brands to navigate through today’s cluttered marketing space. As a builder of brands, the firm solely focuses on research for branding, advertising, and content marketing (Public Relations) initiatives.

Provoke Insights also develops agile, innovative initiatives to meet the quick and varied needs of today’s ever-changing market. You will be working with a research expert who is also a seasoned ad strategist. This ensures that questions are deeply explored, and insights are cultivated and capitalized. Provoke Insights is a full-service global brand strategy and market research company headquartered in New York. Our obsession with research helps you ensure that your marketing initiatives improve your ROI.

What makes our agency unique is that we are market researchers who also have many years of experience in the advertising research and brand strategy space, resulting in creative and impactful solutions relevant today and feasible for the future. Using thousands of data points, we assess what’s most important to inspire new thinking. Closely connecting the consumer with the brand enables us to drive growth for your organization. Our obsession with data and brand market research makes your strategy effective, compelling, and impactful. From creating market strategies to fielding surveys, we have the tools and the brains to successfully implement and test your advertising initiatives.

The Provoke Insights Difference

Nimble & responsive * Cross-discipline approach * Beyond qualitative & quantitative services * Nothing outsourced * Actionable strategy & research * Ad agency’s secret weapon * Employees are experienced brand strategists & researchers

Market Research Services

As experts in traditional and innovative methodologies, Provoke Insights provides strategic solutions to turn challenges into opportunities. As researchers who are also brand strategists, we deliver actionable solutions to your branding and advertising needs — not just research for the sake of research.

Focusing on brand, and advertising market research, we use tactics like qualitative, quantitative, secondary research, social listening, competitive analysis, and trend analysis. We maintain objectivity to best support customer, brand, and marketing growth.

We specialize in advertising testing, communication, brand equity, brand tracking, product development, product launch, and media research among consumers (B2C) and business professionals (B2B). Provoke Insights also conducts research to power innovative press and content marketing.

Brand Strategy

As specialists in brand growth, Provoke Insights transforms insights, data ideas, and structures that help businesses flourish. We link brand equity, research, and analytics to help drive sales. Whether you are creating a new brand or strengthening an existing one, you need a plan that is sharp, actionable, captivating, and most importantly measurable. While many firms base their strategy on conjecture, our approach is rooted in a 360-degree research method, strategic thinking, and creativity.

Our team has extensive experience in traditional, digital, social media, and customer relationship marketing and advertising. We also help companies with product launches, go-to-market plans, brand refreshes, persona development, and advertising research. With a bottom-line focus, we collaborate to develop creative and impactful solutions that are relevant today and feasible for the future.

As we do not execute any of our marketing strategies, our plans are completely unbiased. Therefore, the solution created is based on actionable data rather than offering services that an agency wants to sell.

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