Agencies and Brands Agencies and Brands Promise to ‘Pitch Positive’—Can They Fix What’s Broken? – Adweek
19 May 2022

Provoke Insights’ 2018 research for Markets Insider on advertisers vs. client-side marketers was featured in a recent article in Adweek

The research shows that pitching is an integral part of closing for most agency marketers. 81% of advertising professionals are involved in pitching. These professionals believe that pitching increases their stress by 28%. Meanwhile, half of all client-side marketers strongly value creativity, followed by a true understanding of the company’s goals (47%). 

Provoke Insights’ study further shows that pitching is common practice in advertising agencies. 11% of professionals pitch every week, while more than half pitch at least 10 times per year. 

As COVID has massively changed the way marketers, advertisers, and researchers work, with the introduction of remote/hybrid work, fresh, stress-less ways of pitching are more forefront in the industry. As new business tends to be driven by pitches, marketers should continue to meet and exceed clients’ expectations by demonstrating ROI and high levels of trust. Provoke Insights’ research on this global issue can be found in full on Markets Insider. Special thanks to Adweek and authors Rebecca Stewart and Stephen Lepitak.

New Study Uncovers Fractured Dynamic Between Legal Departments and Their Enterprises Undermines More Than Business Growth and Efficiency — It Undercuts Legal’s Charter
09 May 2022

Provoke Insights’ research on enterprise legal department dynamics was released in a report from Onit, a legal management software brand.

This press release announces the publication of Onit’s Enterprise Legal Reputation (ELR) Report, based on a study performed by Provoke Insights in early 2022. The study explored the image enterprise employees have of their legal departments and the material effects their relationship has on their businesses.

The standout findings include:

  • 79% of enterprise employees do not see Legal as a modern operation.
  • 78% view the legal department as protectors of the business
  • 65% admit to bypassing Legal’s policies.

Read the full press release and download the report.

CBD Brands Must Focus On Health Solutions – Happi
02 May 2022

Provoke Insights’ newest research on the CBD market is featured in a recent article in Happi Magazine.

This latest wave of Provoke Insights’ in-house survey was fielded in March 2022. The goal of the study aimed to gain perspective on the awareness of CBD among the general population, as well as how it is perceived by consumers and their loyalty to brands in multiple industries, including CBD.

The standout findings include:

  • 42% of those who are aware of CBD are apt to try it
  • Pain relief is the most top-of-mind health aid (69%)
  • CBD purchasers tend to be more mindful of whether the products they purchase are sustainably sourced (54%) compared to non-CBD purchasers (40%)

Head to Happi for more exclusive insights on the personal care and beauty industries.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: Eating Habits are Shifting
28 Apr 2022

Provoke Insights’ newest research on restaurant trends and pandemic-related concerns is featured in a recent article from Modern Restaurant Magazine.

In this newest in-house survey, which was fielded in March 2022, Provoke Insights aimed to gain perspective on diners’ mindsets, habits, and experiences when eating at restaurants. Provoke Insights included 14 other categories in this fourth wave of research, including alcohol, travel, and retail.

The standout findings include:

  • Concern for eating at restaurants has decreased by 29% since 2020
  • Restaurant-goers skew younger (Gen Z & Millennials)
  • Demand for fast food has been growing since the start of the pandemic. 64% of consumers eat at fast food joints the same amount or more than pre-pandemic.

Head to Modern Restaurant Management for more exclusive insights on the restaurant and hospitality industry!

Which way is furniture demand really headed? – Furniture Today
26 Apr 2022

Provoke Insights’ newest research on trends in furniture demand and brand loyalty is featured in a recent article from Furniture Today.

In March 2022, Provoke Insights surveyed 1,500 Americans. This survey aimed to gain perspective on consumer mindsets and their loyalty to brands in multiple industries, including furniture.

The standout findings include:

  • Furniture shoppers are more likely to be parents and employed
  • About 60% of Americans expect to buy furniture in the next six months
  • Two-thirds of furniture buyers prefer to buy in-store vs. online
  • Those looking to purchase furniture online are younger, wealthier, and living in urban areas

Overall, the survey found that loyalty to a furniture brand is not as high as it is in other categories. This must be kept in mind by furniture brands when developing marketing strategies, as well as considering who is purchasing furniture and where it is being purchased.

RAB and Provoke Insights Launch Radio-Focused Research Partnership
14 Apr 2022

Provoke Insights and RAB partner to conduct radio-focused research, shared by All Access.

The research on consumer sentiment and behavior will be presented on a quarterly basis. It aims to give advertisers an understanding of radio’s role in shopping behaviors and the value of radio-listening consumers. The joint effort will first be presented at the NAB show on April 24 in a session, “VBR – The Valued Business of Retail.”

RAB Partners with Provoke Insights To Research Key Ad Categories
13 Apr 2022

Provoke Insights is partnering with the Radio Advertising Bureau to research categories important to radio, as announced by Inside Radio.

Provoke Insights partners with the radio advocacy group RAB to give broadcasters new insights into the consumer mind across key ad categories along with a better understanding of audio’s role in shopping behaviors. The primary research will reveal consumer sentiment in many categories that are important to radio, from travel to fitness. Quantitative research aims to help RAB members in their work with advertisers by providing information that will emphasize the value of radio-listening consumers. The first presentation with both partners will be at the NAB Show on April 24 in Las Vegas with a session titled “VBR – The Valued Business of Retail.”