Supplements, Stress & CBD in the Wellness Market
20 Dec 2023

Supplements, Stress & CBD in the Wellness Market

Provoke experts, Carly Fink and Jordin DeSenzo were recently featured in Happi Magazine

Happi’s article, which contained insights from Provoke’s 2023 Fall/Winter trends research, examined the prevalence of stress among Americans and the various coping mechanisms they employ, with a specific focus on the use of vitamins, supplements, and CBD.

Highlights from the article include:

  • Many Americans experience significant stress, with financial issues being a major factor, especially among younger generations, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Common stress relief methods include exercise, social interaction, healthy eating, and meditation, though some turn to less healthy habits like drinking.
  • A notable portion of the population uses vitamins and supplements for stress relief, with certain groups and specific types like multivitamins being more popular.
  • Vitamins are mostly bought in stores, with a growing trend in online purchases and brand loyalty.
  • A twelfth of the population uses CBD for stress, with future purchase intentions high despite some concerns about regulation and drug testing.

For the wellness industry to continue expanding, brands must keenly address the stress-related behaviors of consumers and offer effective solutions. Enhancing consumer education about the benefits and proper usage of CBD and other wellness vitamins/supplements could significantly boost their role in stress management.


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