Consumer Trends

Summer 2024

What influences consumers’ purchasing choices? Are these decisions made impulsively or are they thoughtfully planned? Provoke Insights conducted cutting-edge market research to unravel the decision-making process and determine what products attract impulsive buyers versus those that require meticulous planning.

Check out where your industry ranks in the eighth wave of our bi-annual trends research, which was conducted among 1,500 Americans between the ages of 21 and 65.

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Impulse Shopping
A weekly habit for a third of the US population.



Consumers Impulsively Shop Despite Financial Means
Impulse shopping does not correlate with financial security. Over two-fifths of those living paycheck to paycheck or in debt still choose to impulse buy. 



Impulse Shopping: Category Trends
Apparel is the most common item consumers purchase impulsively. Skincare, hotel stays, vitamins, and airline tickets are purchased more deliberately.

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