What Influences Consumers to Purchase Generic Produce Instead of Brands?
18 Mar 2024

What Influences Consumers to Purchase Generic Produce Instead of Brands?

Provoke Insights’ Carly Fink and Jordin DeSenzo explore the factors that drive consumers to choose generic produce over branded options in a recent article for Produce Business.

Over the last two years, inflation has significantly impacted the cost of produce, adding to the difficulties faced by brand-named produce. Understanding the consumer sentiment amidst inflation and tailoring marketing strategies accordingly becomes crucial for brands aiming to maintain their market share.

The article addresses the following key findings:

  • Inflation has heightened consumer awareness of rising prices, particularly in supermarkets.
  • Despite high inflation, consumers continue to prioritize regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Brand awareness is high among consumers, but actual purchases of brand-named produce remain lower than expected.
  • Price is a significant factor influencing consumer choices, with many opting for generic produce due to cost considerations.
  • Affluent consumers often perceive no quality difference between brand-named and generic produce.
  • Television, in-store demonstrations, and more are favored channels for learning about brand-named produce.
  • Less popular media channels like billboards, radio, and magazines/newspapers are less effective for promoting brand-named produce.


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