Research: Getting To Know Today’s Socially Conscious Consumer
30 Aug 2023

Research: Getting To Know Today’s Socially Conscious Consumer

A Provoke Insights study reveals consumer preference for socially conscious purchases.

The Path to Purchase Institute (P2PI) has joined forces with Provoke Insights to explore current trends among socially conscious consumers. Some of their findings included:

  • Prioritizing Social Awareness: 74% of consumers make social consciousness a priority in their purchases.
  • Inconsistent Choices: Only a fraction consistently opt for socially responsible products.
  • Cost as a Deterrent: Over half (52%) cite cost as the main barrier.
  • Ingredient Transparency: “Made with clean ingredients” is a key factor, notably for Generation Z and Democrats.
  • Limited Impact: Factors like charitable donations and minority ownership have minimal influence.
  • Values Alignment Matters: 32% would switch brands if values misalign.
  • Economic Influence: The economy shapes choices, impacting budget-consciousness for sustainable products.

For a more comprehensive understanding, read the full article here to capture the evolving landscape of consumer behavior.


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