The Tipping Point Is Now
13 Dec 2023

The Tipping Point Is Now

Provoke Insights’ Fall/Winter 2023 research on consumer trends is finally out and has been featured in an article published by Modern Restaurant Management.

Provoke Insights conducted research involving 1,502 Americans, aiming to gain insights into external trends impacting various consumer behaviors, particularly in the realm of dining out, and the attitudes Americans have towards tipping culture.

Accompanying a brief data summary, Modern Restaurant Magazine interviewed Provoke Insights President Carly Fink.
Findings from this interview include:
• Key takeaways for restaurant owners/operators based on the findings.
• Tips and tricks for enhanced guest experiences.
• Insights into where and when consumers are more likely to tip at a food establishment.
• Attitudes on the pressure to tip at establishments and more

As inflation impacts both consumers and businesses, restaurants must ensure that tipping doesn’t feel intrusive, potentially deterring patrons from revisiting their establishments.


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