Which way is furniture demand really headed? – Furniture Today
26 Apr 2022

Provoke Insights’ newest research on trends in furniture demand and brand loyalty is featured in a recent article from Furniture Today.

In March 2022, Provoke Insights surveyed 1,500 Americans. This survey aimed to gain perspective on consumer mindsets and their loyalty to brands in multiple industries, including furniture.

The standout findings include:

  • Furniture shoppers are more likely to be parents and employed
  • About 60% of Americans expect to buy furniture in the next six months
  • Two-thirds of furniture buyers prefer to buy in-store vs. online
  • Those looking to purchase furniture online are younger, wealthier, and living in urban areas

Overall, the survey found that loyalty to a furniture brand is not as high as it is in other categories. This must be kept in mind by furniture brands when developing marketing strategies, as well as considering who is purchasing furniture and where it is being purchased.

RAB and Provoke Insights Launch Radio-Focused Research Partnership
14 Apr 2022

Provoke Insights and RAB partner to conduct radio-focused research, shared by All Access.

The research on consumer sentiment and behavior will be presented on a quarterly basis. It aims to give advertisers an understanding of radio’s role in shopping behaviors and the value of radio-listening consumers. The joint effort will first be presented at the NAB show on April 24 in a session, “VBR – The Valued Business of Retail.”

RAB Partners with Provoke Insights To Research Key Ad Categories
13 Apr 2022

Provoke Insights is partnering with the Radio Advertising Bureau to research categories important to radio, as announced by Inside Radio.

Provoke Insights partners with the radio advocacy group RAB to give broadcasters new insights into the consumer mind across key ad categories along with a better understanding of audio’s role in shopping behaviors. The primary research will reveal consumer sentiment in many categories that are important to radio, from travel to fitness. Quantitative research aims to help RAB members in their work with advertisers by providing information that will emphasize the value of radio-listening consumers. The first presentation with both partners will be at the NAB Show on April 24 in Las Vegas with a session titled “VBR – The Valued Business of Retail.”

Provoke Insights Among Quirk’s 10 Top Brand Research Companies
03 Feb 2022

Provoke Insights is excited to share that we have been featured as one of the Top Brand Research Companies by Quirk’s Media.

Quirk’s is an expert in market research and has recognized Provoke Insights for having the tools and expertise necessary to develop winning brand strategies. We are honored to be among the top 10 companies named by Quirk’s for their innovation and skills.

Provoke Insights’ market research focuses on three areas: branding, advertising, and content marketing initiatives. Therefore, we feel fortunate to be highlighted as a top brand research company this year.

If you are interested in conducting research for your brand, please do not hesitate to reach out to Provoke Insights. We work with a diverse range of clients and collaborate with brands to create strategic research plans tailored to their needs.

Thank you again to Quirk’s for this recognition. We look forward to continuing our brand research in 2022 and beyond.

Infographic: Hybrid Workers Are Exercising More and Are Therefore More Optimistic – Adweek
04 Jan 2022

Provoke Insights’ research on fitness and exercise trends is featured in Adweek’s first issue of 2022.

In September 2021, Provoke Insights launched a survey amongst 1,504 Americans. The study aimed to identify key trends in several spaces, including fitness and exercise, and break out said trends by several demographics. One such break is those who work in a hybrid setting.

The standout findings include:

  • 22% of Americans say they are working out more than they did before the pandemic
  • Those who are more optimistic tend to work out more
  • One-fifth of Americans believe that working out virtually (e.g., Zoom, Peloton) is as good as going to the gym

Overall, Americans are exercising more, especially those who work from home.

Grocery Brand Equity Study Reveals Fresh Produce Brand Drivers – Produce Business
20 Dec 2021

Provoke Insights’ freshly published research on produce trends is featured in Produce Business’s November issue. Head to page 14 to view the article.

In September 2021, Provoke Insights launched a survey amongst 1,504 Americans. The study aimed to identify key trends in several different industries, including fresh produce, and break out said trends by several demographics.

The standout findings include:

  • Almost half of grocery shoppers purchase produce every few days. 
  • 64% of these shoppers are looking for freshness, followed by brand name and price
  • Unaided awareness of produce brands is low, with about half of shoppers unable to conjure a name. Dole (29%), followed by Chiquita (6%) and Del Monte (4%), top the unaided brand awareness chart.

Overall, Americans are purchasing fresh produce more than ever. In 2022, fresh fruit and vegetable brands should focus their marketing strategy on freshness, which is the key attribute most shoppers are looking for.

Israel’s Future Meat Hopes to Reel In $32 Million for U.S. Cultivated Meat Production Facility – Green Queen
16 Dec 2021

Provoke Insights’ research for Future Meat, an Israeli cultivated meat brand, is featured in Green Queen.

In 2021, we conducted market potential and target audience development research for the start-up brand. The standout findings include:

  • 50% of American consumers are dieting consciously 
  • One in three Americans plan to add cultivated meat to their diet

Cultivated meat is real animal meat down to its very cells, but no animals are killed to produce it. Future Meat is an innovator in the cultivated meat space and continues to push the boundaries as government approval for consumers approaches.

Survey: Jewelry, Watch Purchases Are Up in 2021 – National Jeweler
01 Dec 2021

Provoke Insights’ freshly published research on jewelry and watch trends is featured in National Jeweler

In September 2021, Provoke Insights launched a survey amongst 1,504 Americans. The study aimed to identify key trends in several different industries, including jewelry, as well as break out said trends by several demographics.

The standout findings include:

  • Luxury jewelry and watch purchases are up from early 2021
  • 7% of Americans purchased a watch in the last month (+3%)
  • Luxury purchasers enjoy taking time to peruse items while they purchase (61%)
  • Women are wearing less jewelry than they were pre-pandemic, but this number continues to increase

Overall, Americans are still rebounding from their casual, stay-at-home attire. Head to National Jewelers for a more detailed summary of the data.