Brand Positioning Research: Sustainability Category
01 Mar 2022

Brand Positioning Research: Sustainability Category

Marketing Problem

A global producer of recycled resin knew that it offered a unique and innovative product. As sustainability has become a more prominent trend around the world, the brand wanted to use research to develop a well-defined brand strategy that separated the company from the competition that was entering the space. 

The company commissioned Provoke Insights to develop a qualitative research study among executives around the world ranging from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups.

Market Research Solution

Provoke Insights conducted thirty in-depth interviews to better understand the decision journey among the various parties involved in the process.  As a result, the firm interviewed a diverse range of employees, from C-Suite level to engineers to marketers across multiple countries including the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Germany. 

Research Results

The in-depth findings helped determine the following information:

    • Branding recommendations. Provoke Insights developed detailed brand strategy recommendations for the sustainability brand, including ways to leverage their unique selling proposition and brand identity.
    • Summarize key trends in the sustainability space. Provoke Insights probed the stakeholders for key trends that would impact the internal selection process for sustainability vendors. Now, the brand is aware of the perception of different types of recycling at a range of companies.
    • Persona Creation. The research brought the multiple audiences to life by assessing their priorities, motivations, and barriers surrounding both the brand and sustainability.
    • Profile and prioritize the job roles among current and prospective clients. By collecting insights among a diverse range of employee roles and levels, Provoke Insights found which decision-makers should be approached by the brand’s sales team in order to close sales.
    • Map projects from start to finish. Provoke Insights mapped the decision journey from project initiation to selection to marketing in order to provide the brand with insights on how to convince companies that their service is necessary.
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