Online Focus Group Research For Nationwide Wellbeing Campaign 
15 Dec 2020

Online Focus Group Research For Nationwide Wellbeing Campaign 

This article will outline the online focus group research conducted for a national well-being campaign conducted for a federal agency.

Marketing Problem

A federal agency launched a point-of-sale campaign in 2018 in over 2,000 stores where cigarettes are sold. The agency was looking to improve the impact of the initiative. In addition, they were considering using other media channels as well as launching it nationally. Therefore, they wanted to understand insights regarding the target audience by conducting online focus group research.

The goal of the online focus group research was to gain a national perspective on the mindset of smokers and what motivates them to quit. Also, it aimed to understand the difference among the low socioeconomic groups and the young adult subsets.

The objectives of the research included:

  1. Understanding the audience’s mindset/attitudes around smoking, quitting, products, etc.;
  2. Gaining feedback on strategic messaging concepts to help refine and optimize the campaign; and
  3. Assessing existing creative from the campaign. 

Market Research Solution

Provoke Insights worked within the approved institution review board protocol to conduct thirty 90-minute online focus groups.

These groups included participants with the following inclusion criteria:

  • Interested in quitting smoking AND have tried to quit smoking within the past year but were unsuccessful, and
  • Currently, smoke cigarettes; or, are dual users of cigarettes and other tobacco products

Provoke Insights conducted focus groups among participants in 5 local markets; Philadelphia, Houston, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Charleston. 

Research Results

Provoke Insights determined that a one-size-fits-all solution would not work for smokers. Reasons to quit are distinct depending on the life stage of the smoker. The qualitative results also explained how the creative was perceived and what to tweak for the new campaign. The qualitative research gave further nuanced insights into the habits, behaviors, and attitudes of this audience. One important topic that arose from the research was the need for education around vaping. 

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