How to Launch a Brand: Food Category Market Research
12 Jan 2022

How to Launch a Brand: Food Category Market Research

Marketing Problem

A new food technology brand planned to enter the United States market with an innovative way of delivering cost-effective, tasty, and vegetarian-friendly consumables. Before launching the product, the brand wanted to understand the core target audience, generate excitement, develop a unique selling proposition, and refine a go-to-market strategy. The company commissioned Provoke Insights to develop a two-phase qualitative and quantitative research study.

Market Research Solution

Provoke Insights first conducted online focus groups to provide a deep dive into three core audiences, each with different eating habits. The goal of this qualitative research was to bring the target audience to life by developing brainstorming that revealed their wants, needs, and attitudes surrounding the brand.

Using the insights from Phase one as a guide, Provoke Insights conducted an online survey that included the following:

  • A segmentation categorizes consumers into distinct groups moving beyond basic demographics and behavioral characteristics. Using advanced analytics, this research method efficiently targets

consumers who have a higher propensity to purchase this food technology.  The process will provide the company with the size of each segment and potential acquisition numbers.

  • A MaxDiff to determine which brand attributes would most convince the target audience to purchase the new food technology.

Food Brand Research Results

The in-depth findings helped determine the following:

  • Bring to life the different segments. Split the audience into multiple areas to determine which audiences had the highest propensity to purchase. As a result, those interested in the brand were skewed towards certain demographics (e.g., age, ethnicity), behaviors/attitudes, and geographic regions. It allowed the company to easily find and communicate to the appropriate audience. 
  • Feature preferences. Using the MaxDiff technique, Provoke Insights found the most convincing features among the overall audience, in addition to those who were likely to try the product.
  • Market perspective & size projection. Now, the brand knows how many consumers in the United States are likely to try the brand. Provoke Insights provides detailed profiles of the followers of different dietary habits.
  • Name & branding recommendations. The insights gained from the research narrowed down terminology for the new food technology, in addition to providing the basis for brand strategy recommendations.
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