Customer Journey Insights from 2024 Furniture Shopping Trends Study
15 May 2024

Drawing insights from Provoke Insight’s partnership with 3D Cloud on their 2024 Furniture Shopping Trends Study, this article emphasizes the emergence of a hybrid shopping model that seamlessly integrates online research with in-store purchases. 

Key takeaways include the research process involving online browsing and in-store visits and the significance of 3D technology in enhancing customer experiences. The study underscores the transformative potential of 3D visualization tools in furniture shopping, with consumers expressing a strong preference for retailers offering such experiences. These insights emphasize the need for retailers to adapt to these evolving trends to enhance customer experiences and remain competitive in the furniture retail space.

Other insights from the article include:

  • A growing trend of consumers utilizing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to visualize furniture in their own living spaces before making purchasing decisions.
  • Online furniture shoppers prioritize factors such as easy returns and flexible payment options, while in-store shoppers value personalized assistance and the ability to physically interact with products.
  • Millennials are driving the shift towards online and hybrid shopping experiences, stating convenience and time-saving benefits as the primary motivators.