Could Dining at Disney World CHANGE Because of This New Trend?
30 Aug 2023

Could Dining at Disney World CHANGE Because of This New Trend?

Provoke Insights’ research sheds light on the factors behind evolving dining behaviors.

The Disney Food Blog recently highlighted insights from Provoke Insights’ 2023 trend report, exploring shifting consumer dining patterns and evolving restaurant industry preferences. Key findings include:

  • Dining Decline: Economic uncertainty and inflation have led to reduced dining out, with about 80% of respondents noting restaurant price increases.
  • Restaurant Preferences: Full-service and fast casual eateries experienced the most significant decline in patronage (55% and 50% respectively), while fast-food chains saw a milder decrease (45%).
  • Cost-Cutting Strategies: Consumers are opting for cheaper menu items to manage dining costs amid changing circumstances.
  • Encouraging Spending: Effective strategies like promotional deals and loyalty programs are encouraging customers to dine out more.
  • Optimism Amid Challenges: Despite economic worries, respondents maintain optimism, finding happiness in daily experiences.

To explore how these findings impact Disney’s dining and restaurant strategies, you can delve into the complete article above.


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