Food Category Brand Launch: Secondary Research
07 Dec 2020

Food Category Brand Launch: Secondary Research

Marketing Problem

One of the largest indoor fish producers in the world was planning a brand launch of their fish in the United States’ wholesale market in fillet/frozen form. The initiative needed substantial investment from capital and investors wanted proven financial opportunity in the form of market research. In addition, the firm was looking for a value proposition and a three-year go-to-market strategy for research, marketing and communication tactics.

Market Research Solution

As a result, the food provider commissioned Provoke Insights to conduct a one-phase secondary research on the state and future of the wholesale fresh and frozen fish markets in the United States. Included in the process was the drafting of a three-year plan to map out public relations strategy, packaging design, media buying, and brand creative.

Research Results

Provoke Insights provided specific recommendations to the  producer on whitespace in the fish market, the target consumer for their product, and strategies to counter any barriers the company faced.  In the form of a 100-page PowerPoint report, Provoke Insights outlined the following:

  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Overall Fish Market
  • Understanding the Consumer
  • Aquaculture Market
  • Analysis of Competitor Positioning
  • Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • Demographics & Media Usage
  • Market Research Plan to Execute
  • Go-to- Marketing Plan Which Included:
    • Creative Execution
    • Media Plan
    • Packaging Design
    • PR Outreach

As a result, the secondary study determined market potential, ideal consumers that appeal to the protein, as well as buying habits and interests of those consumers, all in preparation of a brand launch.

In addition, the research was able to give a face to their primary audience and gain an understanding of some of the potential reach in the United States. Furthermore, the research was supplemented by strategies to design creative, handle packaging, create a media plan to get the brand advertised properly, and place in the press with a public relations team. Especially, coupled with a plan, Provoke Insights set up the producer with top teams in their respective fields to help them forward.

In conclusion, the research assisted in the product’s launch and path forward. The research both gave direction to the fish producer, but also provided validation for stakeholders to perceive the large market potential of the product.

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