Kitchen Home Improvement Advertising Testing Research
13 Aug 2020

Kitchen Home Improvement Advertising Testing Research

Marketing Problem

The global leader in quartz countertops wanted to launch its first commercial and digital advertising in the United States. The home improvement company already developed a commercial that was aired in other countries and wanted to determine its success in the United States. As a result, the home improvement company was only going to air a 6-week flight. Therefore, it reached out to Provoke Insights to develop a Pre & Post Advertising Testing Research to determine the commercial’s impact. 

The objectives of the research were to;

  • Determine how the advertisements impacted brand awareness;
  • Understand if current media spend is driving awareness;
  • Recognize how brand awareness holds up next to the competition;
  • Assess if the unique selling proposal resonated;
  • Understand the target audience’s needs;
  • Evaluate the countertop consumer decision process.

Market Research Solution

Given that the research had multiple objectives, the study included three phases: focus groups, Pre & Post Advertising Testing Research via a survey.

Focus Group

The focus groups were carried out in three cities: New York, Chicago, and Miami. The groups were among people currently looking to renovate their kitchen or bathroom countertops. In the groups, the participants viewed the commercial and provided their initial reactions and feedback. The consumer decision process was discussed, including brand awareness, consideration factors, price points, and what ultimately influences their decision. 

Pre & Post Advertising Testing Research

Provoke Insights conducted two surveys, one before the advertising campaign launch, and one six weeks after airing on the television networks. The study assessed if the consumers saw advertising for the brand and the competition. 

Research Results

The brand realized that the current advertising might work outside the United States. However, the current commercial needed some changes to resonate to the US market. The US market is saturated with brands. Moreso, they are competing against marble and granite where the consumer is not aware of any brand name. Consequently, causing brand confusion. As a result, the brand decided to change communication for the US market.

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