Companies Prioritize Branding Over Sales – B2B News Network
12 Mar 2021

Companies Prioritize Branding Over Sales – B2B News Network

Provoke Insights’ research is featured in a fast facts report in B2B News Network. This research is vital for any B2B (business-to-business) company looking for market insights, 2021 trends, pandemic impacts, and more. B2B’s Friday Fact is: companies are increasingly putting branding above sales.

To develop Provoke Insights’ 2021 industry report, we fielded an online survey to 3,000 Americans aged 21 to 70. We surveyed 19 industries, including the B2B sector, and created buyer profiles, highlighted brand equity drivers, and drew several conclusions, including:

  • More companies are prioritizing brand strengthening over sales.
  • Paid and unpaid social media are the most commonly implemented marketing tools.
  • Due to the pandemic, trade show ROI has understandably plummeted.

In today’s confusing pandemic world, market insights have never been more critical for your brand. According to our research, companies are putting more focus on strengthening their brand. 

To keep up with your brand competitors, read our full free B2B report and view other industry reports, including packaged foods, beauty, and clothing here.


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