Brands Need Research To Gauge Pandemic-Fueled Consumer Shifts – Quirk’s Media
15 Mar 2021

Brands Need Research To Gauge Pandemic-Fueled Consumer Shifts – Quirk’s Media

Carly Fink, president and founder of Provoke Insights, is featured in Quirk’s Media Magazine this month. Quirk’s Media is a leading voice in market research and branding. During pandemic times, it is a must-read to gain key market insights on digital consumer habits.

Carly discusses how brands should reassess the consumer journey. As more Americans work, shop, and attend school from home, technology adoption has skyrocketed. Brands must account for increased digital use and entirely reevaluate consumers’ choices in the new remote landscape. 

With a few extra steps, researching these digital habits can put your brand ahead. Carly’s key points include research on consumer habits and industry:

  1. Brands should observe readily available internal data, like web traffic, type of device, and location.
  2. Brands should seek out timely research on their industry to better understand our new world. Provoke Insights recently published 2021 trend reports on 19 industries ranging from hospitality to clothing and beverages. Check out our page here to download the reports for free.
  3.  Brands should survey a prospective consumer population or commission a market research agency to conduct research. This is an essential part of building a targeted, compelling brand.

Understanding the consumer journey is a crucial part of brand management. There has never been a better time to reevaluate your brand, conduct robust research, and prepare to pivot for new markets ahead. Check out the full article to learn some specific steps on assessing brand strategy.

In today’s confusing pandemic world, market insights have never been more critical for your brand. According to our research, companies are putting more focus on strengthening their brand. 

To keep up with your brand competitors, read our full free B2B report and view other industry reports, including packaged foods, beauty, and clothing here.


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