Agencies and Brands Agencies and Brands Promise to ‘Pitch Positive’—Can They Fix What’s Broken? – Adweek
19 May 2022

Provoke Insights’ 2018 research for Markets Insider on advertisers vs. client-side marketers was featured in a recent article in Adweek

The research shows that pitching is an integral part of closing for most agency marketers. 81% of advertising professionals are involved in pitching. These professionals believe that pitching increases their stress by 28%. Meanwhile, half of all client-side marketers strongly value creativity, followed by a true understanding of the company’s goals (47%). 

Provoke Insights’ study further shows that pitching is common practice in advertising agencies. 11% of professionals pitch every week, while more than half pitch at least 10 times per year. 

As COVID has massively changed the way marketers, advertisers, and researchers work, with the introduction of remote/hybrid work, fresh, stress-less ways of pitching are more forefront in the industry. As new business tends to be driven by pitches, marketers should continue to meet and exceed clients’ expectations by demonstrating ROI and high levels of trust. Provoke Insights’ research on this global issue can be found in full on Markets Insider. Special thanks to Adweek and authors Rebecca Stewart and Stephen Lepitak.