Skin Care Actives Drive the Market
01 Dec 2022

Skin Care Actives Drive the Market

Provoke insights trends research featured in an article from Happi Magazine.

Tom Branna, the editor of Happi Magazine, delves into new trends and shifts in consumer behavior when purchasing skincare products; this includes the introduction of unusual ingredients incorporated into products from coffee to snail mucin.

 The article includes information from Provoke Insight’s Spring 2022 trends research. Highlights include:

  • Dryness and anti-aging are the top skin care concerns among American consumers. 
  • Over half of consumers (53%) look for specific ingredients when purchasing skin care products. This is especially true among those looking for sustainably sourced Items.
  • Moisturizers and cleansers are the leading skincare products. Cleansers are especially popular among younger consumers.

Dermatologist Dr. Hope Mitchell notes how various trends have led to increases in the usage of skincare products. As more consumers are spending more time on web-conferring calls, they are more concerned about how their faces look up close on a screen. 

Additionally, Dr. Mitchell mentions that consumers are now more interested in the ingredients in their skin regimen. With more time on their hands due to working from home, Americans are researching ingredients more often than they did in the past.

The article expands on this information and provides brands with strategies to stay on top of consumers’ interests in the category.


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