Radio Works to Drive Business and Brand Growth – ANA
30 Jun 2022

Radio Works to Drive Business and Brand Growth – ANA

Provoke Insights’ newest research on radio and business is featured in a recent article on the Association of National Advertisers. 

Provoke Insights’ most recent wave of in-house research was fielded in March 2022, taking a deep dive into over 15 industries. The study focused on how radio can be used to drive business and brand growth across all of these industries.

The standout findings include:

  • 71% enjoy the browsing experience while shopping
  • 56% are not concerned with price and are willing to splurge on items
  • Almost half would pay more for items that are sustainably sourced

Overall, the research highlighted radio listeners as the ideal retail shoppers. Radio is an important tool that retailers and brands can use to help drive retail traffic, boost sales, and grow their business.


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