Coming Soon: Brand Loyalty & Trends In-House Research
14 Apr 2022

Coming Soon: Brand Loyalty & Trends In-House Research

We are thrilled to announce Provoke Insights’ newest wave of in-house research on brand loyalty: the Spring 2022 Brand Loyalty & Trends Report. 

In this 4th wave of complimentary research, Provoke Insights surveyed 1,500 Americans between the ages of 21 and 65 to evaluate the purchasing funnel by brand category.  More specifically, this study analyzed what consumers are buying, where they are buying these items (retail channel), and how loyal they are to these brands. Industries include travel, retail, CBD, skincare, restaurants, furniture, produce, alcohol, automobiles, electronics, fitness, outdoor gear, power tools, and toys.

In addition, this research tracks the impact of the pandemic, economy, and trends on consumer behavior.

Our reports are completely free and easy to download. Feel free to use any of our research in your publications. When sourcing our data in publications, please accredit Provoke Insights and hyperlink to our page.

Interested in our last wave of in-house trends research? Check out our quick-to-read blogs here. 

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