2022 Marketing Trends
29 Dec 2021

2022 Marketing Trends

It’s a new year, and that means new trends. It’s about time we dive into our yearly tradition of looking at what to expect in the year to come when it comes to marketing and advertising. Here are a few trends to watch out for when planning for 2022.

The Return to Virtual…Again

It’s been a long two years of virtual offices and Zoom happy hours. Consumers’ fear of “going out” has made out-of-home advertising less relevant since the beginning of the pandemic. While we may have gotten a slight taste of normalcy over the past six months, new variants of the virus have set the clock backward on a full reopening. Travel plans are being canceled once again, and some offices are extending work-from-home or hybrid setups. As consumers tire of online activities, brands will need to get more creative about reaching audiences at home. Brands should try less traditional methods, such as influencer partnerships or social media contests, to get consumers excited online about their products. These companies need to remain flexible for when Covid cases decrease and people re-emerge for virtual settings. 

Politics Can Make or Break a Brand

Today’s American consumers are deeply invested in their beliefs. Many even think that companies should actively take a stand on political issues. Brands need to be conscious about where they do or do not comment on trending topics. Brands can pipe in on relevant issues in simple ways, like participation in trending social media hashtags or including messages in more elaborate marketing initiatives. In considering their advertising, companies will need to find the balance between pleasing one audience without isolating too many other consumers.

A Step Away from COVID-Centered Ads

Throughout the pandemic, brands have capitalized on the opportunity to plan advertising around togetherness, family, or other sentimental themes. Companies have been quick to mention the “challenging times” in their campaigns. However, moving into 2022, we could begin to see a drop in such campaigns. As states lift some of the restrictions of the past few years, and as the population goes through pandemic fatigue, brands may try avoiding the topic and focus on other themes instead.

Continuous Research is a Must

As the world continues to change daily, so do consumers’ interests, opinions, and attitudes. Research from three years ago, or even one year ago, can be outdated. As consumer sentiment fluctuates, their willingness to try new products or technologies change as well. Brands must stay aware of their audiences as they cycle through the roller coaster of today’s economy to successfully launch new products and maintain the health of existing ones.

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