Top Research Blogs of 2021
30 Dec 2021

Top Research Blogs of 2021

Provoke Insights wants to thank your support in 2021, and we are excited for a great start to the new year. We love market research, and we are so happy that our blog has gained so much traction. Almost 15,000 people read our top blogs of the year!

As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to re-share our most popular posts.

5. Research Norms: What are they and what they can tell you

The fifth most-read blog discusses research norms and explains why benchmarks are crucial in helping determine where a brand stands amongst the competition.

4. The Pros & Cons of In-depth Interviews

In 2021, we found quite a few clients requesting in-depth interviews for branding initiatives. The article explains why this methodology is so popular, and some watch-outs when using this methodology.

3. The Pros & Cons of Online Focus Groups

As Covid is unfortunately still here, many brands have asked about online focus groups. Many factors make in-person groups not ideal as the pandemic continues. So when should brands use online focus groups? Are there any shortfalls? And when should you look into other methodologies?

2. The Pros & Cons of Online Survey Research

The second most popular blog of the year explains why online surveys can be so advantageous to brands. It also points out that researching on your own has several potential downfalls, such as survey error and inherent biases being so close to the brand.

1. The Pros & Cons of Secondary Research

The top article of the year was about how to utilize the information already out there. Brands often skip this methodology and go right into primary research. However, secondary research has several benefits – there is no point in reinventing the wheel if the data is already out there. 


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