Why B2B Branding Research Is Essential – GreenBook
05 Nov 2020

Why B2B Branding Research Is Essential – GreenBook

Provoke Insights’ President Carly Fink article was published on GreenBook marketing services’ website on the importance of B2B branding research.

GreenBook is the leading voice in the market research space. The company hosts an informative directory of market research services and publishes articles from thought leaders in the industry.

In this article, Carly Fink discusses how COVID-19 has affected brand research, the B2B brand research journey, and understanding the competition. There are critical elements to research which will determine whether or not the insights gathered for your brand will lead to strategy that distinguishes it from the competition:

As Carly has mentioned in the past, the B2B audience is often more rationally driven by logic and relationships, while consumers are emotionally driven.

When conducting market research for a B2B Brand, the research should evaluate how long the education process takes, how buyers go about it, as well as determine the ease of the process.

What is the role of the influencers? Who has the final decision power? How long is the customer or client’s relationship with the company? This will play a role in loyalty and satisfaction.

You can learn more about the importance of B2B Branding research and the differences between it and B2C research in the article.


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