What B2B Firms Use Marketing Agencies For – MarketingProfs
25 May 2021

What B2B Firms Use Marketing Agencies For – MarketingProfs

Provoke Insights’ research on B2B companies is featured in MarketingProfs, a hub for business and marketing education.

The article discusses the results from Provoke Insights’ 2021 B2B study, which began in mid-January 2021. The project sought to gather and analyze information on the marketing initiatives of B2B, B2C, and B2B-B2C hybrid companies. 

The standout findings include:

  • 23% of B2B professionals turn to outside marketing agencies for SEM and SEO purposes
  • 21% of B2B professionals commission social media agencies for social media marketing
  • B2B firms are more likely to use tradeshow marketing than B2C companies
  • B2C companies are more likely to use TV commercials than B2B companies

Marketing professionals, B2B professionals, and the general population looking to better understand marketing initiatives may find this particularly interesting.

This research is part of an in-house research study conducted by Provoke Insights in 19 different industries including Banking/Investing, Clothing, Hospitality/Tourism, and the Outdoors. Download Provoke Insights’ complimentary Brand Equity 2021 report here for newly-published insights on B2B, B2C, and dozens of other industries.


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