When it comes to brand strategy, B2B marketers are looking outside the box–and outside of their own companies
25 Feb 2021

Provoke Insights brand equity research was featured in eMarketer Insider Intelligence report.

Provoke Insights sought to provide Insider Intelligence with crucial research on the under-reported field of B2B marketing. In particular, B2B companies, marketing experts, and sales professionals would find this article of interest to them. 

The report includes research conducted by Provoke Insights, as well as examples of best practices and case studies. Provoke Insights fielded an online survey to 472 B2B professionals in the United States, 184 of whom were marketing and sales professionals. 

One of the report’s biggest takeaways was that marketers at B2B companies tend to outsource marketing, particularly for logo design; 41% of B2B marketing and sales professionals look to other companies to develop this brand strategy initiative. Other relevant findings include: 

B2B companies should look to Provoke Insights’ findings as an essential snapshot of current marketing and branding trends. Having a well-defined and consistent brand allows companies to build awareness, establish trust with external and internal stakeholders, and take control of their reputations.