Staying Essential by Pivoting during the Pandemic  –
24 Oct 2020

Staying Essential by Pivoting during the Pandemic –

Provoke Insights' President Carly Fink was interviewed by about how Provoke Insights pivoted during the pandemic. The interview details Carly Fink's career, how her family are coping in the pandemic, the circumstances that led to the foundation of Provoke Insights, and more.

Find out more about how Provoke Insights continues to innovate and adapt to the needs of businesses in the current era! This article outlines a research study that the company designed to understand the changing consumer behavior in Q2 when behaviors were in flux.

As market researchers, it is most often our research that is featured rather than the researcher. We are always honored when our research gets published but this article was especially fun because our founder was the subject, for once! Carly is hard-working and has an innovative mentality, this interview is worth reading for all aspiring researchers and those trying to get into the mind of one.


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