A New Way to Test Significant Differences
17 Dec 2019

A New Way to Test Significant Differences

Testing significant differences can often be complicated. Try our new, free, Significant Difference Calculator! Our new tool allows you to test differences between more than one subgroup at the same time. It also allows you to analyze multiple attributes at once. It is no longer a tedious process.

To summarize, this tool tests significance between sample proportions. The confidence levels provide the probability that the difference presented is at least as large as it would have been if the two population proportions were equal.

Using a pooled sample approach, our tool runs 2 proportion Z-tests, by taking sample size and percentages into account. It allows users to test tables of proportions against each other, as well as download the results.

Please feel free to try the tool, thank us for the free service by sharing it on social media! Follow the instructions and try out the Significant Difference Calculator below!

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Enjoy our Significant Difference Calculator, and stay on the lookout for more blog posts from us!


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