How Black Friday Can Hurt Your Brand
27 Nov 2019

How Black Friday Can Hurt Your Brand

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! For brands, that means one thing; the looming arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are imminent. These discount days are some of the busiest days of the year for some brands, but these price-driven events are not necessarily the best for business. Depending on your target audience, these days can hurt brand equity.

So, How Can Black Friday Hurt Brand Equity?

There are a couple of ways that Black Friday and Cyber Monday can cause more harm than good. While in the short-term, these big discount days may drive sales, in the long term, these days can change consumers’ brand perception and brand loyalty.

Brand Perception

Brand perception has mostly been an issue for brick-and-mortar stores. Consumers take a dim view of large companies forcing their employees to give up time with their families on Thanksgiving. Some retail stores open their doors are midnight on Thanksgiving day, meaning the employees have to give up their Thanksgiving evening to be at the store. Walmart even went a step further by allowing the rush to start at 10 PM. Many customers (some of whom might be those who shop at the store year-round) consider the companies to be greedy.

Brand Loyalty

If a company is severely cutting prices and known to be severely reducing costs, then it will become known for that. Over time, customers become less loyal to the brand, knowing that the full price they see at the beginning of November will be slashed in the last couple of weeks of November. So, while sales might break all records on Black Friday, the transactions in the lead up to Black Friday have actually been lower, and it might have implicated throughout the year too.

Customers and Black Friday
While it may be a relief to get a percentage of the price discounted for Christmas gifts and technology that you’ve been eyeing up for months and months now, do not let Black Friday fool you. These days are designed to trick you into impulse buying (that you otherwise would never have done) and have one aim… To separate you from your cash. Bear that in mind as you get ready to get in line or online on Friday!

Brands Can Research How This Will Hurt Brand Equity

It is important for companies to conduct market research on how these discount days can impact your brand equity. Market research will determine how your customers will react to these sales in the short- and long-term.

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