Regional Discrepancies in the Fresh Produce Industry – Produce Business
02 Aug 2022

Provoke Insights’ freshly published research on regional produce trends is featured in Produce Business’s July 2022 issue. Head to page 10 to view the article.

In March 2022, Provoke Insights launched a survey among 1,500 Americans. The study aimed to identify key trends in several different industries, including fresh produce, and break out said trends by regional discrepancies.

The standout findings include:

  • Pre-cut produce is popular, with 81% of shoppers putting them in their shopping carts each week.
  • Grocery shoppers from the Northeast are more focused on sustainable grocery shoppers. This region is the most likely to buy loose produce (60%) without plastic packaging.
  • Purchasers from the South are the least likely to be aware of grocery brands (62%) compared to any other region.
  • Urban shoppers are the most brand loyal (62%) compared to suburban and rural.

As shopper profiles in the United States continue to diversify, it’s crucial that produce brands remain aware of preferences by region and area.