What Drives Brand Affinity for B2B Companies? – Marketing Charts
30 Apr 2021

What Drives Brand Affinity for B2B Companies? – Marketing Charts

Provoke Insights’ research on B2B companies is featured in Marketing Charts, an online hub for marketing data, graphics, and analysis

The article details the results from Provoke’s recent Brand Equity 2021 survey, which sought to track and project brand drivers for innovation, equity, and affinity for 19 industries including the B2B landscape. 

After surveying 200 B2B professionals, the results on what builds brand affinity are in:

  • Brand trust (23%) and customer service (23%) are the top most important attributes
  • Price (14%), innovation (11%), and product uniqueness (10%) are also, respectively, strong influences of brand affinity

Marketing Charts’ article also reports on other measures from Provoke Insights’ B2B Brand Equity study. For example, for B2B brands that do measure brand equity, the top three measurements used by companies are

  1. Sales revenue (41%)
  2. Qualitative research (23%)
  3. Quantitative research (20%)

As evidenced by Marketing Chart’s new article on B2B branding, B2B marketing is a growing sector of research. As more B2B companies take note of important measures like brand affinity, brand equity, and brand innovation, other B2B companies looking to retain their customers and better understand the industry should take particular note of this research. Download Provoke Insights’ complimentary Brand Equity 2021 report here for newly-published insights on B2B and 18 other industries.


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