Tech Companies…What’s Your Brand Strategy?
10 Sep 2015

Tech Companies…What’s Your Brand Strategy?

Technology is the fastest growing industry in New York City.  In 2014, jobs in this sector had grown by 33%. As the tech boom continues, how can your brand stand out from the crowd?

Even if your product is unique, it is imperative to find your target and communicate what makes your brand special.  However, gaining a potential client’s attention poses a challenge since there are more communication channels than ever before.  Consumers’ attention is no longer focused on just one medium. Viewers are consuming content across mobile, desktops, and televisions.

To overcome these challenges, you need a better understanding of who your customer is.   For example, which clients will most quickly adapt to your technology? Does your audience desire to be part of a new emerging trend? Additionally, what are specific attributes of this audience (age, gender, household income, and/or psychographic attitudes) and how can you leverage that?

It is key to uncover essential information and gather important insights in order to reach your desired audience.   Companies, like Provoke Insights, provide services and tools to help you learn about consumers’ media usage, habits and even specific information about their favorite blog.

Even if your technology is the most advanced in the marketplace, it is a challenge to answer your customers’ needs in a simple and digestible method.   This ‘difference’ needs to be significant,  and can be developed into a compelling story that separates your product from the competitors.

As you can tell, there are many moving parts to a holistic marketing strategy.  Provoke Insights’s goal is to assist with all aspects of your marketing and branding needs.

About Provoke Insights

Provoke Insights is a full service brand consultancy and market research firm. Our innovative approach helps brands navigate through today’s cluttered marketing space.  We are the nerds behind the advertising, branding, media, and content marketing initiatives. Our obsession with data and research makes your marketing strategy compelling and impactful.


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