Brand Health Tracking

Are your brand health objectives being met? Brand tracking research helps a business to understand the state of its brand as well as competitors’ overall performance. Our studies help guide your advertising strategy and validate it. Not only do we analyze questions on awareness and consideration, but we also focus on the fundamental drivers of decision-making. Brand health studies are useful for exploring a changing marketplace to bring depth and context to consumer behavior and attitudes. Provoke Insights provides brand health tracking that focuses on adapting to consumer needs and industry trends.

Brands looking to better understand the results of a tracker may be interested in an ecosystem brand tracker. What is the added benefit of our unique ecosystem tracker? Using metrics like business KPIs, social listening, media data, web and search analytics, industry trends, and PR research, we connect the dots of brand health and add context to create a complete story. This 360-degree approach to brand health tracking will help you make sound business decisions. We allow your brand to understand the WHY behind the brand health metrics.

Provoke Insights also leverages insights selfie videos and traditional survey methods to gain insights into a brand’s health by gauging customer opinions in a structured as well as an open-ended manner. Provoke Insights gives you an advantage when it comes to brand tracking because we go beyond standard tools and metrics to provide custom, deep, clear, and actionable insights on the status of your brand.

Provoke insights provides primary research services