Advertising Research

Developing an advertising strategy is costly and media placement can be even more expensive. That is why it is pertinent to get communication right the first time! By implementing advertising research and ad testing, brands can determine and achieve their specific goals concerning marketing and overall branding and business strategy.

Today, with people being exposed to so many messages and often consuming more than one media channel at a time, it is harder for brands to stand out in this crowded space. So, not only does ad creative and copy need to resonate with your potential customer, but it should also stand out from the crowd, whether it’s a TV commercial, print ad, or digital banners. Therefore, your message needs to resonate, be memorable, and persuade your audience to take action (e.g. learn more, go online).

There are also several pitfalls that agencies may not even consider when advertising. It is key not only for your advertisement to be memorable, but also to appeal to your audience. Sometimes, the smallest nuances may have a large impact on prospects. Is the advertisement somehow offending your target audience? What are the best ways in which you can positively appeal to the audience?

A word, a line, an image, or a color may also prompt the consumer to think of another brand or industry. You need to make sure your creative idea works for your specific brand. In this case, it is best to optimize an ad before it reaches audiences. Pre-testing allows for knee-jerk reactions from the audience and provides you with the safety net to prevent a campaign from having mishaps. It also provides recommendations and direction to further enhance your campaign to ultimately improve ROI.

Provoke Insights can test rough or finalized versions of the following:

  • Logos/brand identity
  • Brand concepts/descriptions
  • Messaging
  • Packaging
  • Commercials/videos
  • Print ads
  • Radio ads
  • Website design
  • Digital/social ads
  • And more…

Performing an ad test is an efficient and useful means to conduct ad research. As a leading NYC branding firm, Provoke Insights conducts ad testing research that looks at messaging, concepts and value propositions, brand names, creativity, and more. Our innovative tools mix qualitative and quantitative data to reveal robust and powerful insights that paint a full picture. We use benchmarks to determine whether an ad is on-target and if and/or how they can improve.

We maximize the effectiveness of ad tests by looking at the message, dimension, customer, creativity, and brand association. Our breakthrough research tools lead to actionable insights that lead to breakthrough PR and advertising strategies. We work to test media for all channels such as TV, radio, and digital.

Provoke Insights has innovative and traditional qualitative and quantitative approaches to test these initiatives.

Ad testing is ideal for finalized ads created in digital formats. Using conjoint analysis, we can determine which parts of which ads the consumer reacts to best and rank them by importance. Our Advertising Optimizer and Message Optimizer tools are great for refining specific words, concepts, and visuals that appear in your ads. There is also the MaxDiff technique, which randomly presents several statements to the viewer and ranks them from most to least persuasive. In our digital banner testing method, respondents test multiple banner dimensions, graphics, messages, CTAs (calls to action), and brand fit. Provoke Insights can customize the features of the study so it best measures opinions about the brand and its competitors.

Qualitative research when it comes to ad testing is ideal for ads that aren’t yet finalized. Qualitative research methods are ideal for advertisements that aren’t yet finalized. This is because methods like focus groups and IDIs (in-depth interviews) provide feedback that is directional and more robust than numbers on a page. Through these methods, a viewer might provide express an opinion on visual, conceptual, or messaging elements, what they would like to see more or less of, and why.

Provoke insights provides primary research services