Secondary Research

Advertising research is more than just surveys and focus groups. At Provoke Insights, we have several databases to help uncover your research needs. We also devise creative solutions to find hard-to-reach information. Trends Analysis and Industry & Competitive Intelligence are just a few types of secondary research we conduct to help make your marketing effective.

Trends Analysis

In an ever-changing market, it is essential to understand the trends of today and tomorrow to compete in the marketplace successfully. We stay ahead of the trends so you can grow your business. At Provoke Insights, we determine how social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental trends impact your business.

Industry & Competitive Intelligence

It is essential to be hyper-aware of what’s happening within your industry. It’s also crucial to stay ahead of competitors by knowing their marketing strategies. Provoke Insights analyzes all aspects of your competition, including market situation, promotions, channels, messaging, and touchpoints.

Provoke insights provides primary research services