Segmentation is a vital element of sound advertising strategy and branding. Why use segmentation research? Because knowing your ideal target audiences based on testing will vastly improve your chances of reaching the right people. Being familiar with the demographics and psychographics of your distinct targets will help with the long-term acquisition and retention strategies. Segmentation can give your brand an inside perspective into behavioral and attitudinal traits.

Establishing clear segments also gives brands the ability to create personas. These personas lend a voice to your segments and humanize them, so their traits and behaviors are more tangible. We can bring your respective audiences to life by creating multiple personas representing each segment. These personas give insight into the following aspects:

  • What they’re saying
  • Shopping behavior
  • Habits
  • Channel Usage
  • Social influencers
  • Trends
  • Culture
  • Beliefs
  • Demographics

Provoke Insights is a leader in segmentation research, conducting unique and groundbreaking studies. We use quantitative survey data to develop meaningful consumer segments that provide demographic, psychographic, and media usage behavior. We utilize advanced analytics to create manageable segments and sizeable targets that warrant investment.

Provoke Insights also leverages insights selfie videos to humanize your target audience. After the segmentation research is conducted, we record each segment’s on-the-spot, open-ended thoughts and reactions to the product. This method lends further context to the ideal target audiences. This type of research brings the segments to life in their environment, allowing the audience to let their guard down. The selfie videos bring authenticity to the segmentation research and personalize the cohorts. The nuanced attitudes revealed in the videos are not always evident in a traditional research setting. These quick-turnaround videos help brands better understand brand usage in the appropriate context.

Provoke insights provides primary research services