Brand/Marketing Strategy

Secondary market research initiatives are critical components of branding strategy and marketing strategy. On behalf of brands, researchers utilize hundreds of databases, journals, and advanced market research tools to uncover insights leading to sound marketing and branding strategy. Marketing strategy is the next step brands can take after revealing key insights about the market through the combination of primary and secondary research. Using existing sophisticated data on brands and competitors, marketers may determine positioning, targets, business implications, competitive advantages, go-to-market strategy, market size, and more. There are many potential pitfalls to avoiding secondary research when it comes to marketing and branding. If brands skip secondary research, they may be forgoing valuable information concerning what is already on the market, what they have to compete against, and what the true state of their brand is.

There are many points that market researchers can tackle when conducting secondary research for branding and marketing. For example, what is the history of the brand? We dive deep into a brand’s key offerings, current standing and brand equity, and the situation of the market. From there, we look at the strategic foundation (purpose, proposition, value, and voice) followed by organization and brand architecture, and finally, brand development, such as naming, USPs (unique selling points), visual identity, and creative messaging. Brands can learn more about their audience, development opportunities, communications, and perceptions through brand research. Based on insights, researchers make key brand and strategy recommendations that are actionable and easily implemented by the client. As a leading branding firm in NYC, Provoke Insights puts branding and market strategy at the forefront by determining the most important questions to ask and methods to implement.

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