Competitive Analysis

In today’s marketplace, competition is fierce. That is why it is critical for you to understand your direct and indirect competition. Getting your message heard has become more difficult as there are more media channels and more content than ever before. It is pertinent to understand your competition and their marketing initiatives to stay ahead of the curve.

At Provoke Insights, we have the resources to tailor a research plan that best fits your needs and budget. Our background is not only in research but it is also in brand and advertising strategy. As a result, we do not merely provide data, but a concise, actionable strategy. That is why Provoke Insights is considered the advertising research specialist.

Secondary Research

With 50+ databases, we go above and beyond to find information that is out there; this includes museums, libraries, and other archives as needed. Therefore, Provoke Insights can dig deep to understand any market and provide a comprehensive analysis of all of the research that already exists.

Primary Research

Provoke Insights can conduct surveys to best understand your prospects and current competitors’ perceptions of your brand. We also dig deep into understanding your competitors’ customers by using techniques such as focus groups and in-depth interviews.

We help answer the following about the competition:

  • Brand perception (emotional & functional)
  • The key message and support points
  • Ad spend
  • Understanding the use of earn media (e.g. PR)
  • Example of current advertising
  • Market penetration
  • Who are their current customers and prospects (psychographic and demographic)
  • Likelihood to purchase, switch, refer
  • New technologies use by competition
Provoke insights provides primary research services