Market Research Training

Are you looking for your team to be more knowledgeable about market research? You are in luck. Provoke Insights has trainers on staff who have ten years of experience teaching graduate level. More specifically, Provoke Insights has a team in place that specializes in working with in-house brand marketers.  We can provide training on qualitative, quantitative, and secondary research needs.

Research Lesson Areas

  • What is Market Research, and why is it useful for my team?
  • What are the different types of research methodologies?
  • How can we identify the gaps in our current research plans?
  • Prioritization of advertising and brand market research initiatives.
  • How to write a survey?
  • Learning how moderate
  • Providing actionable data
  • How to select the right market research vendor
  • How research can improve your ad campaign
  • Assessing the marketing landscape
  • Determining who your customers are
  • Understanding the competitive advantage
  • Free tools to help your marketing initiatives
  • Very basic test & learn plan (Analytics 101)

At Provoke Insights, we provide custom market research training sessions that feature a unique curriculum designed to give you a competitive edge. We create courses that allow you to choose the most important lessons of market research you wish to learn about and apply to your brand.

Provoke insights provides primary research services