Developing Market Strategy

At Provoke Insights, we use data to take the blindfold off and develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Our plans are based on data, not conjecture. As both advertising strategists and market researchers, we provide actionable ideas that can massively improve your bottom line.

Our concise strategies can include the following:

  • Business implications
  • Positioning
  • The key message that will resonate & differentiate
  • Target audience/personas
  • Sizing of market
  • Competitive advantages
  • Integrated channel recommendations
  • Go-to-market strategy

Using existing data on brands and competitors, we provide a plan that is unique, precise, and ROI-focused. We dive deep into a brand’s key offerings, brand equity, and the state of the market.

Every plan is customized and based on our client’s needs. By utilizing more than 50 innovative and traditional marketing databases, we can cost-effectively develop an effective strategy that will work for your company. We look at strategies based on a four-prong approach:

Where has the brand come from?

  • History
  • Market saturation
  • Key offerings
  • Current company experience

What is your brand identity?

  • Purpose
  • Proposition
  • Value
  • Voice

How do you build organizational cohesiveness?

  • Evaluate, organize, and communicate
  • Maximize portfolio’s ROI

Curating the full experience

  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Messaging
  • Unique Selling Point (USP)

Understanding your Target: Segmentation Research & Persona Development

A segmentation survey is an important way to better understand your prospects, current customers, and your competitors’ target audiences. This type of research provides a method to map out brand position and develop a deeper understanding of segments. Segmentation can also help drive customer growth by determining the correct level of marketing investment required based upon the segment’s growth potential.

Using advanced analytics techniques, factor and cluster analysis, we create segments that are manageable and sizable. This makes them sufficient to warrant the investment.

At Provoke Insights, we conduct segmentation that directly ties into the usability of the findings. Along with creating segments, we also develop personas that provide direction to bring the segmentation to life. The end game is to ensure that all targets are “actionable.”

After the survey research process, Provoke Insights develops personas of each of these desirable segments to add value and real-life perspective. Provoke Insights appends secondary data to create personas that include attitudinal, lifestyle, and behavioral information such as the following:

  • Customer’s wants and needs
  • Goals and challenges
  • The propensity to use the brand
  • Factors that impact selecting a website
  • Habits/Beliefs
  • Media channel usage
  • Demographic
  • Products the customer is considering, as well as already purchased

As a leading branding firm in NYC, Provoke Insights puts branding and market strategy at the forefront by determining the most critical questions to ask and methods to implement.

Provoke insights provides primary research services