Spring 2022 Trends

Brand Loyalty

At Provoke Insights, we have our fingers on the pulse of changing habits, transforming behaviors, and emerging trends. Twice a year, our researchers and strategists develop an in-house survey designed to track consumer mindsets and the latest trends. Our rich data sets allow us to compare shopping behaviors, pandemic-related concerns, and industry trends in dozens of categories. This research aims to gain a national perspective on the mindset of consumers and their loyalty to brands.

We are excited to announce our fourth wave of in-house research, the Spring 2022 Trends Report. In this wave, Provoke Insights surveyed 1,500 Americans between the ages of 21 and 65 to see how trends have evolved. Our data is vital to brands to help them navigate today’s changing markets.

In this wave of Trends Research, Provoke Insights takes a closer look at loyalty. Brands aspire to have loyal customers. High brand loyalty means that consumers who shop the brand re-purchase time and time again and actively seek out the brand in-store and online. However, certain industries may be more or less loyal. This research shows you which categories lead in loyalty and where brands need to step up their game.

It’s on us.

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Brand Loyalty
Consumers are most loyal to their cars and appliances. Americans are most open to sampling a wider variety of brands in the outdoors, apparel, and toy categories.

The loyalty score is calculated by the mean overall industry score minus the individual category score. 

Consumer Concerns
After peaking in 2021, concerns regarding the pandemic are trending downward.

Americans have remained optimistic throughout the pandemic.

Shopping Preferences
As concerns with COVID-19 decrease, more consumers are returning to in-person shopping.

Buying green is trending.

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Spring 2022 Trends Quick-to-Read Reports

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