Public Relations Research

Research for public relations sparks excitement among readers, as it provides objective new information. Our experts ensure that your research is engaging and can be used for all types of communication initiatives including: press releases, social media, blogs, online videos, emails, case studies, microsites, SEO, and even sales collaterals.

Provoke Insights’ success is proven! We have helped our clients achieve:

  • Top publications features (including USA Today, Forbes, Inc., Mashable)
  • 6X more shares
  • 30X higher engagement
  • Plus, increase leads into your sales funnel

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Why does Provoke Insights public relations research stand out from the competition?

Research in the news
Thought Leadership research

We Evaluate the Landscape

Provoke Insights researches potential topics beforehand. Often this step is ignored, but at our agency this is a crucial component to the success of a content marketing research initiative. This phase helps discover trending topics that have higher engagement. It also determines — and steers clear of — subjects that have been overused. Pouring over available research can spark unique ideas or new perspectives on a subject.

We Create Headlines to Help Form the Questionnaire

Headlines need to excite and interest readers. Provoke Insights creates topics discovered during the secondary research process. These headlines can be geared to cover areas that have yet to be addressed, guaranteeing a fuller, more exciting picture of your industry. When developing headlines, Provoke Insights keeps SEO in mind.

We Write More than One Story

Once the survey is closed, and the data is collected, it is crucial to create more than one story from the findings. Storytelling is an art form; it is essential to keep your audience engaged. Many times, researchers are hyper-focused on the details of the numbers instead of the big picture. It is critical to write the research report in a way that makes the readers want more.

We Optimize For Future Results

Provoke Insights analyzes the content’s analytics and uses it to better our future research. We are constantly on the pulse of branding trends, especially in the PR landscape.